Spook Rock

Spook Rock
County: Columbia Co
Open: Year-Round
Price: Free
Dog-friendly: Yes, Dogs must be leashed

Spook Rock Road is a place of legend, where it is said an Indian princess, her lover, and an angry sky god collided long ago to great and terrifying effect.

This boulder on the road near Claverack Creek is said to be where a beautiful Indian Maiden and her lover from an opposing nation rest after she defied the will of her family to marry a man she didn’t love, and ran away together, stopping to rest on a boulder.

The story goes that the couple’s treachery so enraged the Sky-Holder God, that he sent torrential rain to flood the area and drown the couple. It’s said you can hear the princess moaning, at the boulder, as death carries her away, and that at night, you may catch a glimpse of her.


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