Hammond Museum and Japanese Garden Stroll

Hammond Museum and Japanese Garden Stroll
County: Westchester Co
Open: Seasonally (See description for details)
Price: $8+
Dog-friendly: No, Dogs are not Allowed

This museum is the home of Japanese art and the property encompasses a 7 acre Japanese Stroll Garden. The Japanese Stroll Garden at the Hammond is a place of natural beauty and tranquility, meant to delight the senses and refresh the spirit.

The design of a path directs one’s progression through the garden: large stepping stones slow the walk, encouraging contemplation of the view, while row after row of smaller, more uniform stones create a feeling of excitement or anticipation for an approaching feature. The “journey” through a Stroll Garden is meant to be a highly orchestrated voyage to a deeper understanding of nature. 

Come take a walk in the gardens, or see the art on show in the museum’s galleries. The museum offers changing exhibits, lectures, and programs that reflect the intersection of Eastern and Western cultures.

Museum & Garden Open:
May to November
Wednesdays – Saturdays
12:00 Noon to 4:00 PM
Watch the website for special extra hours and pop-up events

Adults $8


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